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Blends,buttons etc.

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31st December 2004, at 0:30 am

ALWAYS loving: Daniel Radcliffe


In my time, i have made many, many blends, banners, buttons and dolls. Most are dedicated to people, either via request or as a gift, and many i have made just for the hell of it. This page is for all these random creations.The people i name are either from,, or my 'actual' friends....


Luinnar, from Her name means blue fire in elvish ~ A-U is a LOTR website. I made this just because the picture suited her.. it was my first ever attempt to make anything on psp, and its mainly just special effects...


This is
Oro (Kate, Aru), also from A-U and ever helpful with HTML on msn. Made this as my first gift, i was so proud of it then... wonder why. This was my second attempt...


This one was my first request, for Fuin from A-U... Overlord of Mordor and ever my irritating ex-husband.. It took forever to fit his description but he liked it... i wasn't as proud. He'd hate me if he found out i had it on a HP site.. he hates HP.


This was made just because.... the image so suited eric (from A-U). I would of made it like theabove three, but the image was too small... however, this was the only banner i made for a long time...

Elijah Wood

This was my FIRST EVER blend! I love Elijah Wood, and this was so successful, for a first blend. I loved the cool feeling to it...

Arwen Undomiel

The Arwen blend looked good at first, then i tried a color change and it looked rubbish. However, i smudged it out, but now it looks okay... i dont like it personally.

Men of Gondor

This one is dreadful... it was meant to be emotional, but it went terrible...

Legolas Greenleaf

I was SO proud of this one, now i wonder why... the corner image on the right looks good, but the rest looks a bit... amateur.. I was never so much of a fan of Legolas, but i was making blends of all the characters for people on A-U's chat.

Craig Parker!!!

Everyone loves Craig Parker right? Well, i do. This one looked really good, but its got a bit stretched....


Even if you aren't a craig fan, everyone likes hobbits. I'm very proud of this blend, but its gotten a bit stretched....As you can see, my blends get better and better. Now, on to the dedicated ones:

Indiana Jones

This was the first one i was entirely proud of. Its for Indy/Han Solo/Sir Sparhawk/Padfoot of A-U. She loved it.

Frodo Baggins

This one is also for Oro, she loves frodo (but not as much as Daniel Redcliffe, right kate?).

Jude Law

This one is for my best friend, Louise. I was showing her how to make them, she still doesn't get it. She also the joint owner of my sister site, 'Oh, Shes Changed'.. thats just about us basically.

Louise's Media Poster

The title explains itself 'louises media poster' for her gcse course (yes, i made it. And ellas..) at school. I made one ofr ella, and louise CD case cover and....

Louises hands

Well... this is a product of randomness. We scanned louise's hands and attacked them with paint shop pro... when reading 'Ma, i got mud on me hands' think texan accent. ha ha ha...

Trucker Dolls Truckz

Trucker Princess

Yes, here she is in all her glory, trucker herself. O.O


Sure, a cat with a hat, why not? A Punk ass kid, why not? Anyway, all the above doll bases are thanks to Dollzmania

Thin Lizzy

Possibly the best blend i ever made, this is for my brother Luke and myself, who LOVE thin lizzy... i LOVE this blend!


I wonder, how many hours did i annoy the people at A-U with my constant ramblings about Mig? Miguel Alfonso Ramon Ayesa plays Galileo Figaro in We Will Rock You, and i loved it so much i got a bit obsessed...

Louise....the Greek Monster

This is - was Louise, we scanned her face and attacked it with the sculpture setting on Psp. and added some stuff (like horns, red eye, gaping mouth).. she looks v. like a monster from Greek Mythology.

Native Arwens sign...

This is a 'view my guestbook' sign for NA. She requested it, i made it. And thats that.

The Green Dragon Inn

Made this on request for Soldier of Rohan at A-U. She liked it, i was happy.

Commander of the Ship

This is a link-to-me button for one of my sites, my first ever HTML-only one. Its alright, i guess.


Made this as a Link-to-me button to Oro's site,used it once.. nothing special.


Yes, this is a link-to-me button for the infamous monkey-toasters band, its just a scanned picture drawn by the guitarist Jenny. The only other member is.... me.

Please note: the above are old, the below are new. the following are selected.. i have made FAR too many to go on this page... however, some may seem repetitive, but thats because i try different techniques on each image.

For Oro:

All of the above were for Oro, because i like to flood her with gifts for no apparent reason. MWAH HA HA!

This Website:

the above are current graphics. Below are some i have made for later versions of this site:

Version 1.5

Version 2.0

The below may seem random but they are for RPers at

Cordelia Liza Ryes:

Cordy Ryes is one of my two characters at M-H, and these are all the signatures I have made for her.. i currently use the bottom 3.

Lizzy Rose

These are for my other character, Elizabeth Rose, i use the top two.

Ron Weasley

Need I explain? No.