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AlatariŽl Tťlrunya
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1st January 2005 at 7:00 pm

This Day We Fight

Boromir Facfile
Full name: Boromir
Aliases: None
Date of birth: TA 2978
Date of death: TA 3019 at Amon Hen
Race: Human
Parents: Denethor and Finduilas
Sibling: Faramir
Hair color: fair
Eye color: grey-green


Welcome again to the PF:WE news and to the Middle Earth interviews.. i've caught up with Boromir of Gondor, he was more than happy to chat.. says he doesn't get enough attention now his fathers dead.. and so is he. I'm your reporter, AlatariŽl, and this is PF:WE news with Boromir of Gondor.

A: me
B: boromir

A: So Boromir, how did you feel when you were chosen to be in the fellowship?
B: Well, you know, delighted, but i knew i was going to be anyway.. thats what i was there for wasn't it?

A: of course. But it was obvious you wanted to get that ring off Frodo. Why was that?
B: Well, you see, you know, its Shiny and my dad is like a frikin' magpie. he sent me to go and get the 'shiny ring'. Faramir so wanted to, but you know, i'm special and all that.

Well, boromir went into a daydream and kept whispering 'shiny' so i clapped my hands and shouted.

A: Yes... About your father, was he grieved by your death, do you think? or did he just think 'darn, no ring'?
B: OF COURSE HE WAS GRIEVED! ahem.. sorry.. yes, i think he was.

I'm a bit startled by now.. so i thought i'd finish up the interview.. however, this was not the case.

A: About your death, does it bother you in anyway? And, can you answer this: how come you're here when you're dead, ey?
B: Shiny.. Shiny... What? Oh, death; well it hurt for a while but... you know, um, urr... YOU INTERVIEWED HALDIR ALRIGHT AND HE'S DEAD! GOSH! GET YOUR ANSWER FROM HIM! [bursts into tears]

Okay, Boromirs touchy about death..

A: Well, Haldir only died in the films...
B: [stops crying] What films? what? what ARE you talking about, elf girl?
.... SHINY! [grabs my brooch and runs round my chair in circles laughing manically, before running off]

Well, that was the end of THAT interview. Clearly death has a strange effect on people, or he's just entirely nuts. This is AlatariŽl for the 2 o'clock news.

Clearly insane. CLEARLY. I mean HONESTLY, who creeps around with a sword these days? gosh. Some people.