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About Edyum

Edyum Promotions is so underground it started in a cave about 3(000) years Bounds Green with a PA system rigged out of amps (but this is cos the original bust somehow).
The original idea was to raise bucket loads of cash for charity (this mainly includes Action Aid-go to thier link for more details), and for all my mates bands to get gigs.
This has changed over time as lessons have been learnt, and you can't put on any band you know, with bad hair, willy nilly. However, the fund raising still exists.

Edyum Promotions promotes young and local bands, with lots of energy (not just from drinking red bull), and time for their music and audiences, as well as their egos. We cannot guarantee we will make you rich and famous, out of our community, but many of our bands have gone on to greater things....or split up!

We are open to all genres of music, and where there are gaps, it may be that these haven't yet been filled by the relevant bands. Edyum promotions, are currently lacking good bands with girls in, as well as good, reggae, hip hop, and punk bands.

While many of you enjoy gigs at church halls, we feel that these are best left to ballet lessons and Scouts. We like to use venues more adapted to hosting bands, ie. smaller, giving a better atmosphere, and with better acoustics, and a bar *yeay.*
Some of our gigs, which are used to catapult our bands onto bigger things can be hosted at more commercial venues (....well, The Waterats, at the moment). Unfortunately, these are not always open to all ages, and aren't very local, which we appologise for.

Edyum Promotions do not aim to become big, and promote Red Hot Chili Peppers, we aim to remain small, here and accessible for young, local bands, and their audiences.

even if you are not in a band, you could help in the following ways, just contact us!

-handing out flyers
-designing flyers
-becoming a promoter
-joining a focus group
-stage management*
-helping backstage
-helping on the door
-sound engineering**

*needs to show some level of understanding
**experience needed

All posts require enthusiasm, and commitment to the cause!

Edyum Promotions