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AlatariŽl Tťlrunya
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1st January 2005 at 7:00 pm

This Day We Fight

Haldir Factfile
Haldir Full name: Haldir
Name meaning: Tall One (Sindarin Elvish)
Aliases: None
Date of birth: Unknown
Date of death: March 3rd, TA 3019
Race: Elf
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Rķmil and Orophin
Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown
Hair color: blond. hmm... Arien Elf.
Eye color: blue. Everyines bluddy eyes are BLUE!


Welcome again! We have caught up with Haldir from Lorien, walking through the convension!

A: Me
H: Haldir

A:So Haldir, welcome to the show. how are you liking fame?
H: oh, fames great, thanks for asking.. you get to stay in these 5 star hotels, drink champagne, and be surrounded by these beautiful women..... [goes into a daydream]

A: AHEM. They have hotels in middle earth?
H: of course they do! in rohan. Rohan's the place to be these days you know? They have everything, from 5 star hotels, to gucci and prada, theres even a Gap in Rohan!

A: i .. never would of guessed. So, what are you into?
H: Oooo, you know, i love the latest fashion. You know, gotta have all those accessories, get my meaning? Ooo yeh baby... check out this for size! [haldir drops his cloak, stands up and twirls. he is wearing a pink diamontť shirt and purple leggings.]

A: [boggle eyed] Oh My GOD. [shields eyes] seen quite enough of that, haldir. Now, wait a moment, didn't you die?
H: [sits down, annoyed.] ONLY IN THE MOVIE!

A:[gulps] okay.. lets finish up... before he goes schizo. this is AlatariŽl for PF:WE news... with Haldir of lorien.