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1st January 2005 at 7:00 pm


This Day We Fight

Mae Govannen all to Pelennor Fields. My name is Estella, and i thought 'hang on, why haven't i made my LotR site that i started 2 years ago yet?'; and so, Pelennor Fields was born, and here it is. Its still little, it needs a bit of care and attention but give me time and i will conjure you up a master peice with my staff.
Namárië for now,


[5th of February, 2005, 8:04pm] :::: Can you believe that its February already? PF has been very neglected as i was meant to get round to making the new version on freewebs and so on but i had lots of hassle with virus and such. I hope you like the changes i've made so far, i'm sturrugling a bit now with out Oro's help and without any image designing programs... Estella xxx

[15th of January, 2005, 3:03pm] :::: Have been very busy since school began again, but don't fear, i know this sites being neglected but i'm back in action! I have so many sites now, it's hard to keep up. Anyway, i'm adding some content now to the site page, and to links since the re-opening of my popular RPG forum, a non-LotR one, anyway i'm adding a link to that, and working on the graphics page... because it stinks.... oh, and i added a splash page! ...Este xxx

[8th of January, 2005, 12:46pm] :::: added the haldir interview! working on the others...Este xxx

[2nd of January, 2005, 6:12pm] :::: finally completed an entire character profile/interview! check out this for a webpage! w00t! ... Estella xxx

[2nd of January, 2005, 4:05pm] :::: Version 1.5 is up because version 1.0 looked WAY too amateur. Also, added live chat, and a guestbook, a hits counter, and a tag board. ... Este xxx

[2nd of January, 2005, 1:34pm] :::: Added much, and the PELENNOR AWARDS! ... Este xxx

[2nd of January, 2005, 1:27am] :::: This site has become overly insane, honestly. If you want proof, check out the newly added 'Interviews' section and The Fellowship page... I'm going mad, honestly. But i have no idea what to add... i want a LotR site with a difference, and yet i don't have any ideas... [i'm crying now.] Any ideas welcome, just Email Me them and i'll consider them, and put your name in the credit section in 'Site Stuff' ... Este xxx

[2nd of January, 2005, 1:27am] :::: Blah. The top banners got stretched to make it fit the page... I've added some more, to 'Site Stuff' and 'Links'. I've also added 'vote for me' buttons! its very exciting, i am going to work all night on the site, A) because i'm not tired, i slept till 4pm yesterday, and B) if i want votes, i have to have a site... a good one. Estella xxx

[1st of January, 2005, 7:11pm] :::: Got up the home page, very unlike me to do this much work in such little time, but anyway :). Hope you all have a good new year, bless you all etc. etc.. Estella xxx

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