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Welcome to Edyum Promotions, the site where dreams are made!
Next gig, shall be The Waterats, a gig for all you XFM junkies, check out the gigs section, and the band's links for more details.
We're currently going under massive construction plans for a gig @ The Underworld on the 22nd March...if they don't blow us off this time...sorry about that. More news on that to come soon!
There shall also be a metal gig Upstairs @ The Garage, some time in April.
Edyum are always looking for new bands, check out the Edyum gig guide for more details on how we run things!
Thanks to all the bands played Battle of the Bands, all those who turned up, and to Leisure Lounge Studios for all thier help, over 550 was raised and sent to Action Aid to help victims of the Tsunami. Money from The Waterats gig, will be going to general charity, so as not to divert funds from other causes.
Stay safe
Edyum Promotions xxxx

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23rd Feb 05:

Underworld has BEEN booked...line up will be released TOMMOROW


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